ASC as a Safe Space for International Students by Ciel Zhang

At Agnes Scott, you are your cultural and intellectual embodiment. You are recognized, cherished, and embraced for what you bring and represent. We, as international students, are strangers on this land and have the choice to live an academic life detached from the US surroundings; while at Agnes, we are encouraged to care. No matter what social issue is at stake, there is always a safe space for international students to share their perspectives; in response, there are also opportunities for domestic students to learn about global occurring from the international students. This exchange of concerns is one of the many ways we think deeply, live honorably, and engage in the intellectual and social challenge of our times.

The Agnes Scott community always shares smiles. It can be as trivial as going to dining hall and greeting the staff. Lady Jada, who is often dearly referred to as the “Tofu Lady,” has shared her life wisdom of being happy on a daily basis. “It is your choice to be happy,” she says, “I’ve never had a bad day, I’ve only had days that could have been better.” Handling the steaming food with care and smile, she always wishes you a wonderful meal and thanks you for coming to her station. No matter how cloudy the day is, she brings the sunshine out from the inside of all of us.

Before coming to Agnes Scott, I have long dreamed about having dinners on a big, round table with people I treat as family. Now that dream has come true; with my dinner club families, we are dreaming about something further now, together.

By: Ciel Zhang, ASC Class of 2018

Hometown: Jiangsu, China

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