Hear about Peace Grace’s Summer experience!

 It was just in January that I received good news about my great internship back home in Rwanda. My heart full of joy I called my sister and told her that just in May 2016 I will be home. I was not only excited that I was going to see my family and friends again, but also happy to kick-off my summer with such a great internship in my government.

“The Office of Government Spokesperson of Rwanda” accepted me as their intern and gave me a place to learn and develop my knowledge in their working space. At first, I was a little bit confused, because I did not really know what my role as an intern was going to be (but I was down for anything). However, when I started, they gave me the best supervisor ever! He was in charge of communication and the media platform of this office.  He helped me explore his side of job, taught me to be a good tweep, assigned me to write stories for the government site, and trusted me with high level assignments that included creating a media platform for the African Union Summit, writing sample tweets for the summit, and taking me to every important meeting that he would go to. As I improved my knowledge on how to conduct myself and work in the communication and media department, I was given a chance to explore different department of the office of Government Spokes-Person. I was assigned to work with team that was organizing the 27th African Union Summit that took place in Kigali this Summer. This gave me a chance to learn how to organize such a big international summit, how to handle the press (all the journalists who attended the AU Summit) and mainly what it means to create important diplomat connections that might help me in the future.

img_2802While in Rwanda, I was also blessed to meet another Scottie. Her name is Sandrine and she is Rwandan! I did not know that someone from my country ever graduated from Agnes Scott, however, this made me feel that I was simply blessed to be part of such a great college that produced someone successful like Sandrine who is making great impact in her community and serving her great Nation.

My summer, ended up to be busy but productive, I did not just spend time doing my internship job, I also made sure that I gave my family and friends time to hang out. So far, as an international student at Agnes Scott, I believe that I could not get the best experience out of my internship if it was not from what I learned in my leadership class that mainly focused on Social media and communication. I could not have succeeded if It wasn’t for the Internship conduct tips that I received in Agnes Scott. I believe in grabbing every opportunity that I see around me, and use them effectively to succeed everywhere.

To you all International Scotties, there are so many opportunities here at Agnes Scott College, don’t take them for granted, use them to create the person that you want to become in the future. Every little thing that is available on campus, from the Writing center, to the science center, from Hire a Scottie to Hot off Press emails, use them and make the best out of them. I just  can’t wait to hear from your successful Summer experiences  a year from now!

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