Commencement Speaker 2018

A big event that happens every year, without fail, at Agnes Scott is… graduation! Graduation is obviously the time for Scotties to celebrate their academic accomplishments and earn their Bachelor’s degree! For many, their families come out – some seeing campus for the first or millionth time – and share this special moment in the warm May weather. Graduation is more formally known as Commencement, because it marks the start of a new professional life for students who are now venturing out into the world with a competitive edge.

Schools all around the world are slowly announcing their Commencement speaker, and it’s often a big deal and a great honour for the person who is selected. Many prestigious, leading schools will select celebrities and well-known academics to speak, and Agnes Scott is not alone. In the past, speakers have included Madeleine Albright, Hillary Clinton, Alice Walker, Soledad O’Brien, and Kurt Vonnegut. Most recently, Oprah Winfrey spoke at the 2017 Commencement.

This year, the 2018 Commencement Speaker will be Jennifer Nettles.

Portrait of Jennifer Nettles

Jennifer Nettles graduated from Agnes Scott College in 1997 and has gone on to be a successful entertainer and performer. Most notably, she is a member of the country band Sugarland. She has won two Grammy awards for her music and still tours – with her next tour occurring this summer! Furthermore, Jennifer has also been on the Broadway stage, having played major roles in Broadway renditions of the musicals Chicago and Mamma Mia. You can read more about Jennifer Nettles and her accomplishments here.

Commencement is a special moment for new graduates, and the speaker is always held to high standards to deliver a moving and inspirational speech! I think Jennifer Nettles will be able to do just that – and May is just around the corner!

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