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One of the most exciting things about college is choosing your classes and learning inspiring new material that you couldn’t learn in high school. Agnes Scott has an impressive course offering, spanning subjects from astrophysics to English literature to visual art to mathematics. Because ASC is a liberal arts college, you can definitely take courses that aren’t included in your major or minor and explore new worlds! I asked some current Agnes Scott students about their favourite courses, and here is what they had to say.

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Taylor ’19, double major in English and Africana Studies

Favourite class: African-Americans in Pop Culture

Why: “I loved the professor who was very engaging. The class was so interesting because my perspective about popular media and culture changed drastically. Before the class, I never really paid close attention to the ways in which the world portrays or uses certain people to get their message across. Now, I can never look at social media, news articles, or music in the same way because I’m more analytical in how I approach it. The class was very discussion-based and applicable to the real world, which I loved.”

Erika ’19, major in Psychology and minor in Business Management

Favourite class: Marriage, Sexuality, and Power

Why: “I actually took this class in my first semester of first year. I had no background in anthropology, so at first it was a challenge. However, the professor was encouraging and supportive. I learned a lot, and I find myself referring to the course even today as I write my senior thesis and conduct research related to diverse groups of power. We explored a lot of different constructs in the class, like race, ethnicity, marriage, and other power structures. It was a great introduction to coursework at Agnes Scott, and has provided me with a foundation of knowledge that helps me interpret the world more effectively.”

Jennifer ’20, major in Business Management

Favourite class: Diversity in Organizations

Why: “I loved this class because the professor was so passionate about what she was teaching. When a professor is passionate about the subject matter, you can really take in more of the class content. It also taught me a lot about other people’s experiences, but also made me look at my own real-world experiences. I gained a lot of key information about the importance of diversity in the workplace.”

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